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ziiDil x illmana - "tesseract"

Introducing ziiDil and illmana with "tesseract", the single was released with Free Market to bring about the dawn of a new era for ENYU. In this artwork, ziiDiL and illmana embrace the consequential need to express oneself against the impurities of a mindless society that is often scared to do so. The artists gruesomely weave grotesque and specifically curated flows over a grunge beat that includes elements often heard in plug style beats. The single starts off with what sounds like the cool ambience of air in the breeze with a blend of some audio in modulation creeping up slowly giving a very fearful atmosphere. Then the vocals start to come in and make the single an instant turn up sleeper hit. The single is very reminiscent to Bones, XXXTentacion and Xavier Wulf we think this time. Then the second artist comes in and the influence sounds more from Playboi Carti than anyone else. Listen below and we think you'll enjoy during the night, when its time to ride!


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