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Soul Kobra - "Make Luv Baby"

Introducing Soul Kobra and his electrifying new single "Make Luv Baby." Imagine if Prince was Turkish and teamed up with Shakira basically – that's the vibe this track brings. It's a vibrant FunkDisco tune bursting with happy, energetic, and sexy moods, and it's here to get you on your feet. "Make Luv Baby" is a disco dance banger with a fresh twist on classic funk, infused with flavors from Queens NYC, Latin, and Middle Eastern influences – a blend Soul Kobra calls "Immigrant Funk." This track is not just a song; it's an experience. Soul Kobra took on the roles of singer, composer, arranger, and instrumentalist, recording everything himself at the legendary vintage-specialty Clubhouse Studios in Rhinebeck, NY. Channeling the energy of artists like Bruno Mars we personally think, "Make Luv Baby" honors the legacy of vintage disco while injecting it with a modern, fun, and funky twist. The track is packed with infectious grooves, vibrant melodies, and lyrics that pay homage to the golden era of disco. We think if you're looking for a track that captures the essence of timeless disco with a contemporary flair, "Make Luv Baby" is your go-to. Soul Kobra's unique blend of influences and his dedication to crafting every element of the song himself make this single a standout in the modern music landscape. Listen now.


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