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Stayhomie - "Hateland"

Introducing Stayhomie and the haunting new track "Hateland" from the self-titled EP. Although the release was almost a decade back, this is a classic to our ears. This future garage single is a deep dive into atmospheric electronics filled with anxiety, existential reflections, vivid memories, and a yearning for the unattainable. "Hateland" is a melodic and profound journey, perfect for fans of Burial, Moderat, Volor Flex, and Bvdub. It features dark, industrial vibes with an ethereal touch, making it feel like a track straight out of the next Blade Runner movie. The lush vocals are beautifully mixed, adding to the track’s otherworldly and introspective feel. Stayhomie is the solo project of Max Kubbe, a talented producer from St. Petersburg. Known for his work with Russian indie bands like Komplimenter and KIROV, and as the creator of the music media "approve," Max brings a unique touch to his music. His sound is meditative and restrained, drawing comparisons to artists like Apparat, Lapalux, and Clams Casino. What sets Stayhomie apart is the pronounced melodic component that deeply conveys the personal experiences of the artist.


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