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Yxng Ched - "OCEAN" (feat. Grizz Lee)

Welcoming Yxng Ched today with his single "OCEAN" featuring Grizz Lee, a track that has already made waves with 2,500 streams in under a week and earned rotation on two radio stations in New York. To be honest we think this gem transcends genres, blending elements of Dance Pop and Dream Pop into a chill and happy vibe with a touch of darkness. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Daft Punk, Gorillaz, and Post Malone, Yxng Ched demonstrates a versatility that resonates with a broad audience within the single that could really prove to be a good idea. We think this song does well being the ultimate late-night driving anthem, delves into the metaphorical depth of the music industry, likening it to the vast and dynamic ocean. Yxng Ched really does a good job at skillfully navigating the lyrical waters (light joke, ocean/water), drawing a parallel between artists as diverse fish in the same ocean, each striving to reach their musical sustenance. The metaphor extends to the challenges artists face, where size matters little in the grand expanse of the industry. The musician really showcases his desire to stand out by fusing a funky instrumental with soulful vocals, creating a distinctive sonic signature. The collaboration with Grizz Lee adds another layer to the track, enhancing its depth and energy. Listen below now!


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