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Will Mallard - "Oh There It Is"

Introducing "Oh There It Is" by Will Mallard, an instrumental track that masterfully blends Jazz Fusion with Heavy Drum & Bass. This experimental piece stands out with its unique incorporation of trumpet, creating a sound that's both innovative and rhythmically compelling. The mood of the single is distinctly experimental, pushing the boundaries of conventional music genres. It's a track that resonates with the works of artists like Nilüfer Yanya and j4zz_un1t, yet Will Mallard brings his unique flair to the genre, creating a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly new. The fusion of jazz elements, particularly the use of trumpet here, with the intense beats of drum and bass, results in a beautiful and dynamic and engaging listening experience. The track's heavy drum & bass foundation provides a solid backdrop for the experimental and improvisational nature of jazz, making the track a standout piece in the realm of experimental music. For fans of jazz fusion and drum & bass, as well as those who appreciate experimental music, "Oh There It Is" is a must-listen.


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