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Weapons of Mass Creation "All I Do"

“All I Do” is a song about healthy love, fusing the group’s love of Latin music with Hip-Hop to blend together different rhythms that make you want to dance. “We had been listening to a mix of Reggae and Cumbia and wanted to recreate a version of the style in our sound, infusing it with lyricism and dope harmonies,” as stated by emcee, Solitude. The single starts with what reminds us of an islander vibe with the keys, and then it cuts right into the first verse. The chorus gets you moving with the "all I do". It makes you want to get a cup of whatever the hand is holding in the cover art. The rapping flows nicely right after the singing and it gives us a combination of tough and hard with the soft rapping and dominant soft male vocal. Take a listen below.


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