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Wabisabi - "Drifting"

Welcoming back Wabasabi with "Drifting', the newest instrumental from the producer. This track is a serene journey through sound, blending the laid-back essence of lofi hip-hop with the depth of downtempo and the refined touch of smooth piano here almost in the background or like a pad. It's a piece that captures a mood that's at once sad, chill, and deeply moody, resonating with the vibes of artists like Toby Schay, Tyde, J.Folk, and Handbook.

Wabisabi is really already known for his releases and features on prestigious Apple Music playlists like Yoga and Beats & Breath, continues their tradition of creating immersive soundscapes with "Drifting". The track is really an experience designed to transport you into a state of introspection and relaxation, making you feel like you're floating on a cloud if listening in bed. The blend of ambient textures and soothing rhythms makes "Drifting" a perfect backdrop for moments of contemplation or calm. Listen now.


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