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Vuyo Sotashe & Chris Pattishall - "They Say I Look Like God"

In a powerful collaboration, vocalist Vuyo Sotashe and pianist/composer Chris Pattishall have released their debut single, a haunting rendition of the Dave and Iola Brubeck song "They Say I Look Like God." This track is a poignant addition to the jazz genre, delving into themes that evoke deep emotions and introspection.

With lyrics in English, this rendition skillfully captures the essence of the original composition while infusing it with a unique, contemporary touch. Vuyo Sotashe's soulful vocals and Chris Pattishall's masterful piano skills create a mesmerizing synergy that resonates with the listener's heart and soul.

The mood of the track is described as "Sad" and "Moody," which perfectly encapsulates the emotional depth of the performance. The accompanying video adds an additional layer of visual storytelling to this musical journey.

"They Say I Look Like God" is more than just a song; it's a stark and vulnerable portrayal of the spiritual hypocrisy that underlies the issue of racism. Through their haunting rendition, Vuyo Sotashe and Chris Pattishall implore the listener to confront the uncomfortable truths and injustices of our world. It's a musical and lyrical exploration that invites reflection and dialogue, making it a significant addition to the contemporary jazz scene. Listen below now.


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