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Vex & The Burning Veils - "Lies Erupted"

Introducing "Lies Erupted," the electrifying debut single from Vex & The Burning Veils. Released on November 23rd, this track is a bold entry into the music scene, blending the energy of synthpop with the intensity of alternative rock. The duo's style can be likened to a unique mix of Poppy, Rammstein, and Ghost, with a distinctive twist that sets them apart. The song is fueled by a compelling theme we think here, the ironic reality of humanity's fate. For me in particular it's ai and effective altruist' vs accelerationist'. As Vex puts it, the song confronts the paradox of our efforts to save the world, while our actions suggest we're more likely to destroy each other first. This sobering message is wrapped in the duo's energetic and infectious sound, a testament to their skill in combining heavy themes with engaging music. Drawing inspiration from late 90's industrial metal, there is just a feeling of youth and rebellion within the single. It's a fresh, young, and eccentric sound that's both familiar and novel. Vex & The Burning Veils, a female-led duo from the UK, showcase their talent in merging elements of rock, synthpop, and metal, creating a sound that's both bewitching and captivating. Listen below now to see what we mean.


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