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Versible - "Black & White Striped Fur"

Introducing Versible with "Black & White Striped Fur". This piece operates in an eclectic space that transcends boundaries, pulling together elements from various genres like synthwave, experimental electronic, and even tidbits of EDM and pop.

We think that the track really captures a sense of dynamism that makes it hard to categorize, yet easy to enjoy. Versible, originally from Wiesbaden, Germany, is no stranger to the world of electronic music though. Previously known as Impuls & Earversible, he has been weaving techno-ish tales through his analog-based studio setup for years. While his earlier productions leaned more towards the chilled domain of Dub-Techno, his musical journey since 2019 has led him to explore new ideas and frontiers in the Wave/Synth-Pop area.

"Black & White Striped Fur" is exactly that.The track's bounce gives it an infectious energy, making it a fascinating listen whether you're deeply attuned to the genre-blending or just looking for something unique to vibe to. Listen below now!


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