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UTO - "Heavy Metal"

Introducing UTO with the latest single "Heavy Metal". Emile and Neysa aka UTO are a duo from Paris who sound like they might be from outer space. Chic and alien, rhythm-centric yet diaphanous and ghostly, they are a group that thrive on contrasts and embrace paradoxes. The duo are something to die for we think. The single is someting that makes you want to move and groove we think. The instrumental is something that is fun and you feel in your chest. The vocals are something else as well that are quite grasping, which is 50% of the reason we wanted to share today. The other 50% is quite obviously the beat. Extending this metaphoric dichotomy to the track’s arrangement and production, a light, floaty choir is juxtaposed with a grimy, terranean trip hop beat. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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