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True August - “Appearing Nightly” (in this room)

Today, musician True August announces their latest single "Appearing Nightly (in this room)." Hailing from Brooklyn, NY / Oslo, Norway, True August is a rising star in the music world.

"Appearing Nightly (in this room)" is the second single from True August's debut album Breathing Room. The track was premiered on Under the Radar and has been featured on New Music Daily (Apple Music).

In an interview with Under the Radar, True August explains the inspiration behind the track: "When I wrote the song, I was imagining a performer who, instead of appearing nightly in a local club, is appearing nightly in someone’s bedroom. The first half of the title sets up the expectation that you’re watching someone perform live music in front of a crowd, while the second half of the title relocates the experience to something personal and private."

Caleb Campbell of Under the Radar describes the track as "intensely catchy" with "wistful lyricism and aching vocal melodies" that lend it an air of "dreamy longing" and a "darker edge" that makes it suitable for both the dancefloor and more introspective moments.

True August is an artist to watch, and "Appearing Nightly (in this room)" is a great introduction to their music. Keep an eye out for more from this exciting artist, and in the meantime, give "Appearing Nightly (in this room)" a listen and let yourself be drawn into True August's dreamy and melancholic world.


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