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In the aftermath of the tragic murder of George Floyd in 2020, Minneapolis became a city on fire, and amidst the chaos, Toussaint Morrison found himself humming an old unfinished tune while demanding justice and protesting. This moment of creative inspiration eventually led to the birth of "Hop N2 Tha Ride," a beautifully misspelled contemporary R&B track that feels like it emerged from the soundtrack of a powerful musical capturing the spirit of the international uprising. Teaming up with his high school bandmate Rick Robot and bringing Roz into the mix, Toussaint Morrison has created an anthemic ballad that resonates with the echoes of protest, resilience, and the demand for justice. The track is a testament to the power of music to encapsulate and reflect the tumultuous events that unfolded during a significant period of social unrest. We think as an artist, Toussaint Morrison has crafted a sonic experience that goes beyond mere entertainment, inviting listeners to engage with the social and cultural currents that shape our world. "Hop N2 Tha Ride" and the entire album stand as a testament to the transformative power of music, offering both a reflective and empowering journey through sound and storytelling. Listen below now!


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