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TOUSSAINT MORRISON - "And Then the Sun Came Out"

Introducing Toussaint Morrison's latest hip-hop masterpiece, "And Then the Sun Came Out." This track, deeply rooted in the genre of Conscious Hip-Hop, carries a moody ambiance, perfectly capturing the essence of dissociation and engagement with reality. Morrison, with his distinctive narrative style, takes us on a journey through a relationship that transcends space and time. The rap story unfolds over the gentle push of piano arpeggios, symbolizing a departure from a repetitive narrative that Morrison chooses to leave behind.

The closing notes, crafted by producer Dr. Wylie, resonate like the final pages of a book, marking an end with ascending musical notes. This song is a part of Morrison's new album, "The Very Best of Ricky & Jane," a tribute to his roots, with the fleur de lis symbolizing his New Orleans heritage. The album is a journey through Morrison's life, with tracks like "ALL SAINTS," honoring his musical lineage, and "RIOTS WORK," a powerful reflection on his activism in Minneapolis. The single is really a narrative of resistance, legacy, and the complex layers of his upbringing. Each track is a chapter in his story, blending personal history with broader social themes. It's a celebration of music and activism, a testament to Morrison's journey through life's upheavals and triumphs. Listen below now.


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