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Tokoname x Distant.Face - "Rising of the Fall"

Welcoming Tokoname x Distant.Face with "Rising of the Fall". Tokoname is a producer of lofi hip-hop chill instrumental beats music, somethings with a light sprinkling of vocalese, but most often purely instrumental and is part of the Jay's Lofi Music brand including L O F I L U V, distant.face, strewing and Tokoname. The single is something simply spectacular to us. It shows what happens with collaboration, truly showing that teamwork can make the dream work. The single is something smooth as silk we think, and perfect for the late night so you can really get into a vibe and simply slow down that heart rate. We can tell that the musicians simply put their all into it, giving us an adult swim sort of vibe. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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