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The Sizzos - "Float Away"

Introducing The Sizzos, a captivating musical project by songwriter George Zaninovich hailing from Eugene, Oregon, have unveiled their latest single, "Float Away." Nestled within the realms of New Wave Gothic and Dark Wave, this track delves into a mood that's both moody and chill, an intriguing paradox that perfectly encapsulates the song's essence.

"Float Away" emerges as a pivotal piece within the band's newest album, serving as a connecting thread that weaves the album's narrative together. At its core, the song unfurls a tale of hope and its fragile nature within relationships that desperately need transformation. The narrator, with all the best intentions, finds themselves constrained to offering mere promises, while the prospect of substantial change dances like a mirage on the horizon.

Sonically, "Float Away" immerses listeners into a world of synth-driven melodies, underscored by subtle yet intricate guitar and string harmonies. The arrangement conjures an almost otherworldly atmosphere, where each note reverberates into the air like echoes of a distant memory. The judicious use of autotune adds an extra layer of mystique to the composition, creating an auditory experience that's hauntingly beautiful and dreamlike.

One of the standout features of "Float Away" is the ethereal quality of the vocals. Laden with sensitivity, they waft through the music like ghostly whispers, carrying the weight of the song's emotional core. This delicate interplay between instrumentation and vocals lends the track its signature blend of eerie charm and emotional depth.

The Sizzos' unique sound is not only shaped by George Zaninovich's musical prowess but also by the contributions of guest musicians, collaborators, and friends. This collaborative approach enriches the music, infusing it with a diverse range of influences and ideas. Listen below now!


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