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The Million With Their Vibrant Track "Rebound"

Indie-pop trio The Million hail from Australia. Formed in 2015, Jacob Thomas (Vocalist + Guitarist) and Jay Stewart (Drummer) met in high school, and the two were forced to come together in a school band. Initially opposed to one another due to music genre taste differences, they have been musically inseparable ever since. Past members came and went before Jacob reconnected with Tamon Mashimo (bassist) at a Paramore concert after losing touch throughout their teens. A passionate fan of hip-hop and jazz, Tamon was the ultimate missing piece to the puzzle, adding another layer of musical influence and inspiration. At the start of 2021 it became official, McKinley Payne, who’s already been a touring member for 2 years, joined The Million. According to Thomas, “He’s always there. He’s always on time. He’s always providing feedback,” and so his permanent appointment was a “no brainer”. McKinley now joins Thomas, drummer Jay Stewart and bassist Tamon Mashino, as the band’s guitarist. Following the release of their newest single "Rebound" they project a very groovy track that will surely captivate your ears. Starting the track with a soothing but yet vibrant beat leading onto their soft and luscious vocals they complete the track entirely. Explaining the track further it's a tongue in cheek song written post-breakup to make light of a once toxic relationship. This was actually a song of many firsts for The Million. It was the first song they wrote after releasing Hydration Station, our first song we wrote with Dylan Nash & also our first time really experimenting with electronic instruments. To the vocals and production this track will certainly get your body moving. Being just perfect for a late night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Rebound"!



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