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The Haunt - "I'm Done"

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, The Haunt is a musical band that has been making waves with their unique blend of sci-fi-inspired rock music. Following the release of their self-titled debut EP and a successful 70-city global tour alongside Palaye Royale, this sibling-fronted band was dubbed the "Best Unknown Band" by Miami New Times. Their latest offering, "Brag About," is a testament to their musical prowess and serves as a rallying cry for fans of modern rock and Westworld. Penned by band co-leader Maxamillion Haunt, who also takes on the roles of guitarist and vocalist, "Brag About" captures the essence of feeling lost when far away from loved ones. Drawing from their experiences on tour, where they felt trapped in a time capsule while the world moved on without them, the song delves into the highs and lows of close relationships and the importance of the people who make us feel at home. Produced by Matt Good, known for his work with Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, and The Word Alive, the track retains The Haunt's signature ominous undertones while showcasing the powerful vocals of Anastasia Grace, hailed by Xune Magazine as "A young Florence Welch with far more attitude." This futuristic rock anthem is part of The Haunt's forthcoming 6-song EP, "Social Intercourse," and marks their collaboration with DashGo, a cutting-edge record label and music distribution resource. The EP follows their previous releases, including "Why Are You So Cold?" in 2019, which Outburn Magazine praised as "a resonant anthem with wistful elegance and raw nerve." The band's diverse musical range is evident in "Cigarettes & Feelings," a vibrant tune with an alternative-pop and rock flavor produced by Christian Medice, recognized for his work with artists like Lovelytheband, P!nk, Halsey, The Aces, and Natalie Imbruglia. The Haunt's impact extends beyond their own music. They recently participated in the all-star collaboration "It's Gonna Be Ok," a nationwide project featuring members of renowned bands such as The Ataris, Filter, 8mm, Kill Hannah, Smashing Pumpkins, and Cold. This remote recording and filming effort took place during the pandemic and aimed to support 320 Changes Direction, a mental health advocacy group started by Talinda Bennington, the widow of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. With their newest single, "I'm Done," The Haunt explores the theme of reaching one's breaking point in a relationship. Maxamillion describes it as a song about refusing to bend any further for someone. Love can often cloud judgment, making it difficult to see mistreatment clearly. However, stepping away from such a situation allows for a clear view of the impact it had. The band's raw emotions shine through as they address the consequences of allowing oneself to be mistreated. The Haunt continues to push boundaries with their captivating sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Their ability to blend elements of rock, sci-fi, and raw emotion creates a unique listening experience that resonates with fans around the world. As they gear up to release their EP "Social Intercourse," there's no doubt that The Haunt will further solidify their position as an emerging force in the music industry.


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