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The Best Of Rap Volume 8

BurrLin - "Fentanyl" is a single that hits you to the core about trust and makes you think. Scotty LVX - "Receipts" is a single that makes you want to get up and make money, the artist is reminiscent to Travis Scott with the delivery here. Mykii J - "This Ain't A Diss" is a fun single that is clearly a diss but claiming that it isn't because it's not upfront to anyone, its a sub diss. La from treemix ent - "No friends" is an emotional single here that is well thought out and almost like poetry. Nasz Dawg - "A Champion" sounds like a winners single, the song sounds like it belongs in a TV spot asap. Swish Music - "CARGO" is an aggressive single that makes you want to move and simply not stop, we only imagine how this would sound live. Steez - "WOODLIFE" reminds us of boosie bada$$ and the sounds of the south especially with the bass. Listen below.


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