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The Best Of Rap Volume 19

To begin the day on a high note we have tmdistant - "what's wrong with you?"a very hard hitting single that we could see the artist having a blast performing, giving his all in the vocals. The Eska - "Long Way" is a dark single on the beat side that you can see yourself listening to at the depths of the night while jamming out. J Nolan - "Legal Hustle" is an artist talking about his life, and how he hustles, we like the fact that the artist is telling a story and being confident. Chamar - "The Last Boss", vocally to us the artist is reminiscent to Tyler The Creator to us big time, he has a thick and commercial vocal that we could hear on the radio, we hope more interesting beats will be selected in the future. JBadge - "SURVIVE" is a single that you could listen to late at night while rolling up a spliff and lighting on your lonely, this record is for relaxation we think, its reminiscent to Wiz Khalifa to us. Riff Rey x AE'sinthegame x Cheus - "LOCO" sounds like more of a personal record from musicians that are just starting and finding their lane, the writing in some parts are great but we think more work could be done. Domino - "4U" is an amazing single and we were grasped by the combination of rapping and singing here, the artists ability to change. MaGyverMIRE - "Tuesday: face-off" is a single that is mighty relaxing, the instrumental screams lofi and the artist doesn't scream, he simply soothes the mind. K Cay - "Can I Get a Break" sounds like a commercially succesful single to us that could make some noise with being relatable, and in the current sound trend of today, the artist hits the nail on the head all around. jonnychang - "Normal" sounds like a record from an artist that is developing but we felt the need to support, the instrumental sounds like something that you and your friends could get wild to. K.O.N - "Dangerous" is reminiscent to Pharell to us on the beat side, there is dancability and you can admire that on the record. Rich Hippie - "Like That" feels like a feel good single on the beat side but the artist has things to say on this record and lets it loose, almost like he is speaking to someone or a specific people, almost feels like telling off the haters, just like that. B. Bravo - "Believe" is amazing on the beat side and reminiscent to Anderson Paak work, with a taste of Mac Miller, the artist does amazing work delivering some consious lyrics. Rebellion x Matt Nye - "Outside in the Snow" is another record today where it premieres a diverse set of artists in collaboration making a great record, the singing and lyricism here shows so much potential. LiL Cxt - "Ballad of Victory" is a single to us where it shows of a very confidence artist that can float over a instrumental like a butterfly. K.O.N - "Space Girl" features another track yet again but this time in a more r&b flavored track that is reminiscent to Kaytranada on the beat side. K.O.N - "Hostage" delivers one last time today with a more relaxing instrumental, and vocal cadenece, showing his diversity and ability to adapt. SPADE777 x Weeze - "Late Night Feels" shows off an artist that is not afraid to be vulnerable and show off emotion, the vocals are simply heart breaking and grasping, to us they feel true and real. Little A - "Waiting"features a UK artist delivering abolute bars with an amazing mix and beat that make you feel like his counterparts like Stormzy have a big storm coming ahead, competetion we think. Krip Tha Don - "Stop Playing" (feat. Vidal Garcia) is a single that grasped us with the feature, we really love the singing here and felt ultimately grasps by how the rapper speaks about his daily life and his persona. King Royal - "Big Ol' Checks."is a single to us that is reminiscent to Roddy Rich big time, we think we were grasped by the bass and the way the artists simply floats on the isntrumental, nonetheless he is unique. It felt like a succesful club single. D’So Nyce - "Mo' Pimpin" features an artist delivering peace and eassing your mind, D'So Nyce delivers here like A$AP Rocky in the Goldier era, it shows that you don't have to put on autotune and rap fast to show off your talent. Listen below.


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