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The Best Of Rap Volume 11

Jamar Carr - "Whole Lotta" feat. PTB Rell is a single that makes you stand on our toes and watch for your back, we feel connected with the lyrics and writing big time. Joel Bleu x MoneySign Hines - "Speedin'" the artist is spitting on a smooth and relaxing lofi instrumental but has an amazing and deep tone. Mo - "Brand New" is a track from up and coming artist Mo that shows a lot of promise and you feel connected with the instrumental, you can't stop moving. CustodyMusic - "Friend or Foe" is a single that is led by a hard yet ambient instrumental with an artist that has an amazing ability to float on the instrumental with his autotune. FlexpackFACE - "My Whip" is a single that makes you move and not want to stop, its something you defintely put on around your friends. Matt Nye - "Nosferatu" is a single that is more on the relaxing side with the instrumental choice, reminsicent to lofi and the artists vocal mix is absolutely luscious. Cartier Grim - "Made in Heaven" is a single that is reminiscent to to Trippie Redd this time with its rager instrumental that became a phenomenon in the rap genre. Relaye - "Gala" (feat. Klaranze Kirk & SKB Herself) is a faster rap paced single that is reminiscent in its Kendrick Lamar sense of style and flow. KEEPMYSECRETS - "Ridealong" is a single that is reminiscent to Post Malone we think with only a tad bit more autotune with more autotune for finesse. GEEK - "Bird Calls" is a cold cut and clean single that has aggression in the tone, when we put it on we feel like "yeah, try it" in our head, with confidence, and we stride with our chin high. reptilelegit - "dead2me!" (feat. mannyily) is a hyper pop single of todays sound that makes you want to simply rage and a perfect way to end the day we think. Listen below.


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