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The Best Of Lofi Voume 31

Updated: May 15, 2022

Tio start off the day on a high note we have Neil Azram - "frozen shores" is a single that you can move and groove to, the snares. What grasps us the most is the harp / guitar. Cornerian Flight Academy - "Atmospheric Cooldown" is a beat up single that sounds like its going through decimort for a beat up sound, very vintage aiming. Ulle Kamelle - "Rekindle it" is an emotional track that makes you feel absolutely emotional with its piano. Ursa Nova - "A Stormy Night in Garfield" is a bit loyal to the jazz sound especially with the vintage noise behind the track especially with the horns. Zara616 - "Always Friends" has more of a modern sound behind it, the vocal samples inside the instrumental are reminiscent to Drake. Soni Mind - "Fly (Alt)" feels like a single that you would hear XXXTentacion sing on. nurbanuvai - "Destination Heisenbergtown" is an absolute thick single with drums that you can absolutely feel in your chest, the beat is reminiscent to Joey Bada$$ production. MF Blisco - "Lanterns" is a relaxing single that makes you move your head back and forth, especially with the bass within the single that revolves. Flapjaques x YJKL - "about you" is a single led by smooth luscious bells and a thick bass and drums. The single is what we would want to hear more often when artists mix their music, it has color. Comfort Frequency - "Lost Memories" is something you would hear on Lofi Girl, the single features ambience in the background. The distorted piano is also chilling as it feels old and gives a vintage feeling. Nathan-Paul - "I LOVE BLACK WOMEN" is a single loyal to the jazz side with the saxaphone and clearer drums. Last but not least we have Aiden x Angie Nicole - "Shimmer" the single is great for a closer as its ambient and smooth to the ears with the pads, especially in the beggining. Listen below.


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