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The Best Of Lofi Volume 33

To begin the day on an incredibly high note we have Study Buddy - "shades of blue" delivering an ambient, late night single that feels beautiful as much as it is luscious with the guitars hitting on snare and piano. Stardog Lofi, qopoqop - "Look Back" deliver a clear and cut single that you feel in your chest, its so thick in the mix. Yarni - "Cherub" is a single that feels almost a bit more 70's with the drum cadence and horns in the beggining, we get lofi flavors but when the flute comes in we are then sure. Supernatural - "I'll Do Anything For A Way Out Of My Head" is an ambient single that is lofi led with a beat, we never really involved a beat with vocals here but felt we needed to expierement with this one. O.N.O - "Cali Vibes" is quite the trippy single going from deep, and relaxing in one moment and then turning into a more vibrant and open single. OYAMANGA - "Strange Fruits" feels like a city pop reminiscent single to us with influence from the late 80's, the sound is loyal to jazz and the vintage sound. Remek Kossacz - "Mystical Octopus" is a single that feels quite 70's like as well here today, the guitar riffs are absolutely rocking and the bass gets you grooving. ERAAN - "ENOUGH" is quite the mind numbing track, the bright instrumental with the deep evolving bass is something to die for. Listen below.


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