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Teeg Austin - "Black Caesar"

Teeg Austin is a stone-cold rapper hailing from the Bronx, NY, and he has recently dropped new visuals for his track "Black Caesar." Produced by UK expatriate Bop Phrases, the song is a smoky, late-night, blunted soul that Austin's baritone bars float over with ease. Filmed in midtown Manhattan in the small hours of the evening, the video effortlessly reflects the vibe of the track.

The title of the song is an homage to the classic 1973 exploitation film of the same name, and it definitely has some of that bravado and energy to it. However, it's also a play on words, keeping the positive energy flowing. Austin's lyrics are confident and delivered with swagger, paying tribute to the film's protagonist and his rise to power.

"Black Caesar" is the first leak from Austin's forthcoming album, "All Praises," which is fully produced by Beatenanut. The producer has previously worked with artists such as Dark Lo, Eddie Kaine, Cydney Poitier, and XP The Marxman. Austin has stated that this album is his most personal work to date, and he will be performing material from it on his forthcoming mid-west tour run, supporting Rome Streetz.

Austin's distinctive baritone delivery and smooth flow are on full display in "Black Caesar," showcasing his lyrical prowess and ability to ride a beat effortlessly. The track is a testament to Austin's growth as an artist, and it is clear that he is confident in his abilities and is ready to take on the world with his music.

In conclusion, Teeg Austin's "Black Caesar" is a powerful track that pays homage to a classic film while showcasing the rapper's lyrical prowess. The song's smooth flow and delivery are a testament to Austin's growth as an artist, and it is clear that he has put his heart and soul into this project. With "All Praises" on the horizon and a tour supporting Rome Streetz, it is clear that Teeg Austin is a rapper to watch.


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