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Tamara Gamez - "Lowly"

Become captivated by the enchanting sound of Tamara Gamez, a talented singer/songwriter hailing from Austin, Texas. With her unique blend of synthpop, new wave, and 80s rock, Tamara creates a sound that is moody, sexy, and dark. Drawing inspiration from artists like Roxette, Kate Bush, and Avril Lavigne, she brings her own creative twist to the music scene.

Tamara's latest track, "Lowly," is a mesmerizing journey through pulsating synths and driving basslines. With her lively vocals, she injects life and energy into the song, captivating listeners with each note. Her ability to seamlessly blend pop, grunge, alternative rock, and synthwave showcases her versatility as an artist.

Passionate about crafting a unique and captivating sound, Tamara Gamez embraces a range of genres and influences to create a musical experience that stands out. Her fusion of synthpop and 80s rock takes listeners on a nostalgic journey while maintaining a modern edge. It's the perfect soundtrack for those moody moments, where you want to immerse yourself in a dark and sensual atmosphere.

As an artist, Tamara Gamez leaves a lasting impression with her distinctive sound and captivating performances. Listen below now.


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