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Statues - "Chemicals"

Statues is an Indie Rock/Alternative Rock band heavily influenced by the late 80s rock/indie/punk scene, particularly bands like Husker Du and Sonic Youth. The band's sound is a melting pot of various ingredients from the punk, pop-punk, and experimental genres, creating a unique and unpolished sound that is both catchy and energetic.

The band's upcoming album features their second single, "Chemicals," which is a wonderful tune that combines sweet melodies with a melancholic undertone. The band's debut album was recorded with Fredrik Lyxzén and mixed by Christian Ramirez, and their debut single was released in 2018.

Statues was formed by founding members of the fast-paced pop-punk band Starmarket in the 90s, and later, they played together in the Misfits-inspired punk band The Vultures. After a hiatus from loud guitars, the same members formed Statues to create their unique sound.


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