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Split Vision - "Envy

Welcoming Split Vision to the stage with their electrifying single "Envy," a track that boldly sets the tone for their upcoming EP, "Seven Deadly Sins." This release marks an adventurous foray into the shadowy realms of synthpop, synthwave, cyberpunk, and darksynth, infused with a darker punk essence. "Envy" captivates with its energetic, aggressive, and experimental mood, promising an EP that delves deep into the tantalizing theme of the seven deadly sins. The song features a draggy delivery that complements the reverb-drenched vocals, creating an aura that is both haunting and compelling. This unique combination of elements gives "Envy" a standout identity in the landscape of modern music, where the blend of synth-driven genres meets the raw edge of punk in an unprecedented way. We think it's an invitation to explore the darker, more introspective facets of human nature, wrapped in the pulsating energy of electronic beats. Split Vision's approach to the theme of the seven deadly sins through the lens of synthpop and its related genres is a bold move that promises a journey filled with introspection, rebellion, and innovation. Listen now.


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