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SPALK - "Indirectly Floy"

In the world of electronic music, Berlin-based artist Spalk stands out as a true embodiment of creative evolution. His musical journey began like a fairy tale, with a 12-year-old Spalk receiving his very first electric guitar as a gift from a local second-hand store owner. Little did anyone know that this humble beginning would set the stage for a career that would span across genres and continents.

Spalk, hailing from Hannover, Germany, was always inseparable from his guitar, honing his skills and evolving into a proficient bassist and band member. However, it was his venture into professional music production that truly catapulted him into the spotlight. With determination and passion as his driving forces, he secured a major deal and embarked on tours that would take him around the world.

The move to Berlin, at a time when the city was witnessing the meteoric rise of electronic music, marked a significant turning point in Spalk's musical odyssey. It was here that he embraced the diverse and vibrant electronic music scene, allowing it to shape his own sonic spectrum.

But Spalk's story isn't just about music; it's about his passion for design and art as well. As a creative at heart, he's perpetually on the lookout for novel ways to combine the old and the new, weaving together elements from different realms to craft something truly inspiring.

In the summer of 2021, Spalk debuted with "Hello World," marking the initiation of a fresh and exciting chapter in his career. With his music described as "Indirectly Floy," echoing a sense of flow in all that surrounds us without us always realizing it, Spalk's compositions resonate with energy, chill vibes, and a touch of moodiness. It's as if we're cruising down the highway in a manga-style world, with a horse racing alongside us, mirroring the essence of his music—fluid, unpredictable, and captivating.

As Spalk continues to evolve as an artist, one can't help but be excited about the future chapters he'll pen in his artistic journey, where music, design, and creativity seamlessly converge to create something extraordinary. Listen below.


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