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SkyDxddy - “ALIVE”

"ALIVE" is the latest single from up-and-coming musician SkyDxddy, whose unique blend of alternative rock and future pop has garnered a dedicated fanbase. Managed by Grammy-nominated producer Jeff Blue, SkyDxddy's musical roots go back to their childhood, when they began writing songs and performing on stage.

Their first viral hit, "Triggered" (2019), caught the attention of music bloggers and influencers, but it was the follow-up single "Puppet Master" (2020) that truly took their brand viral. The track quickly gained hundreds of paint challenge videos on TikTok, earning SkyDxddy over 300k followers on the platform.

But it was their next single "Madness" that truly put SkyDxddy on the map. Released in May 2020, the track was discovered by the Nightcore community on YouTube and quickly racked up over 1 million views. This caught the attention of renowned producer Epidemix, who created the first-ever "SkyDxddy" type beat, which became the foundation for their next single, "Monsters Ink".

Now, SkyDxddy is back with "ALIVE", a powerful female empowerment collaboration that has already been featured on Spotify's "All New Rock" playlist. The track has been premiered on SiriusXM Octane and Alt 98.7 radio stations, and has already garnered over 20,000 streams in its first day. SkyDxddy's unique blend of rock and pop is sure to make "ALIVE" a hit for generations to come.


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