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Sisyphes - "Comète"

Introducing an amazing band known as Sisyphes they are the new, Margate-based project by former La Houle guitarist and songwriter Geoffrey Papin. Their unique part-pop, part-dreamy, and definitely alternative sound features elements of the avant-pop music of Stereolab, Broadcast, and Julien Gasc, wavy guitars and synths inherited from shoegaze, and a touch of French synth-wave. Fresh after notable support slots with Virginia Wing, UV-TV, and Lætitia Sadier (Stereolab) and after a year full of challenges and loss, Sisyphes are releasing their forthcoming debut album ‘Deviant Pop’, due to be released later this year. Sisyphes name is taken from Greek mythology, the deceitful character who has been doomed to push a boulder to the top of a hill for eternity. While perhaps music and art could be categorized as similarly futile, these are the things that get us up in the morning to push our own personal rock once again. With the release of their newest single "Comète" they project a dreamy sound that will definitely intrigue your ears. Starting with soothing instrumentation leading onto their sweet and sultry vocals they complete the track fully. Explaining the track a bit further it paints a picture of feeling lost and looking for a path, which is mirrored in the video. To the vocals and production, this single will surely have you vibing. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Comète" and check out their discography which is filled with amazing music.


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