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Sink to the Sea - "Sensing the World by Echo"

Introducing "Sink to the Sea" with their latest sonic masterpiece, "Sensing the World by Echo". This track is a deep dive into the realms of gothic, dark wave, and post-rock, creating an atmosphere that's both epic and introspective. SINK TO THE SEA, comprising Marc Bobro (Crying 4 Kafka), James Van Arsdale (The Coral Sea, Heavy Cosmic Kinetic), and Noah Whatoff, are based in Southern California, but they're not your typical sun-loving band. They describe their music as a combination of composition and improvisation, allowing for a dynamic interplay of sounds. The result is a moody, sensuous soundscape that feels like a soundtrack to fleeting moments in time. As you listen to "Sensing the World by Echo", you'll find yourself on a journey through changing soundscapes. The track starts with an electronic flair, reminiscent of the '80s, complete with a cowbell that adds a nostalgic touch. Then, as if creeping up on you, the music shifts. The grey pads in the middle set a more somber tone, and then, unexpectedly, vocals laced with a vocoder catch you off guard. It's a track that grows on you, layer by layer, revealing new depths with each listen. We think the music so far really does feel adventurous, exploring the darker, more introspective side of instrumental post-rock, experimental, ambient, and art-rock. Listen to see what we mean.


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