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SideTalker - "Late Night"

Introducing SideTalker with "Late Night". With production magic from Andy Park, known for his work with the likes of Deftones, Macklemore, and Ariana Grande, and rhythmic mastery from drummers Matt Chamberlain and Aaron Sterling, this track promises a sonic journey like no other.

Hailing from Seattle, WA and Denver, CO, SideTalker—comprising Eddie Terranova and William Jones—specializes in crafting deeply atmospheric music that sits comfortably between electronic and rock influences. This is the music of late-night escapades, of neon lights reflected on rain-slicked streets, equally suited for an intimate, sultry lounge as it is for a pulsating, packed arena.

The track opens up an immersive soundscape, a realm where expansive vocal melodies rise and cascade over a churning sea of sub-bass. Thanks to the exceptional drumming skills of Chamberlain and Sterling, the song has a rhythmic backbone that's both intricate and compelling. The single reminds us of artists like James Blake, Roosevelt and Cannons the Band. Layered over this are shimmering synths that drift lazily across the sonic horizon, with little flickers of sonic ornamentation appearing and disappearing like stars in the night sky.


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