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SHOWTIME RAMON - "84 Dan Marino" Music Video

Introducing Showtime Ramon with "84 Dan Marino." We think this track is a sonic journey that defies conventions and sets Showtime Ramon apart from the pack. In a musical landscape saturated with norms, Showtime Ramon emerges as a trailblazer, bringing a fresh perspective to the genre. Drawing inspiration from older rap on the lyricism and story side, Showtime Ramon skillfully sculpts his rap bars into an electric groove, creating a futuristic soundscape that reverberates with energy. The track is unique with the artist rapping over a killer synth wave beat. The synthesis of hip-hop and synth-wave elements adds a layer of experimentation to the track, making it both refreshing and unpredictable. Imagine cruising in a black Ferrari through the neon-lit streets, and you get a glimpse of the vibe "84 Dan Marino" delivers. Listen below now.


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