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SHAZ - “Come on Over”

SHAZ is back with her latest single, "Come on Over". This track is the second song on her debut EP, Inside Out, which is set to release in December 2022.

"Come on Over" was originally written in 2019 and was the result of a collaboration with UK-based lo-fi artist Pointy Features. The track's lyrics were inspired by a 1976 red Cadillac, good weed, and the legendary Bonnie & Clyde. SHAZ describes the track as a "bop", and it's sure to get you moving with its infectious beat and catchy melodies.

Inside Out is a collection of tracks that showcases SHAZ's unique style and talent as a musician. The EP incorporates elements of lo-fi, dream pop, and alt-RnB, and is the result of collaborations with some of the UK's most talented lo-fi artists.

Overall, SHAZ is an artist to watch out for. With her passion for music and unique, cinematic style, she is sure to continue making waves in the music world. Keep an ear out for "Come on Over" and more from SHAZ.


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