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Shaggy Palms - "Broken"

Shaggy Palms is a Massachusetts native whose unique sound blends indie/alternative vocals with pop and electronic dance beats, resulting in an epic and infectious style. His track "Broken" tells a tale of determination and rising above the din in a neon, electric world. As the pre-chorus builds and explodes into the hook, the listener is transported to a cinematic world where Shaggy Palms is on a mission of love and destiny, battling through the rain and shadows to achieve his dreams.

But it's not just about the music. Shaggy Palms is a character, a filthy glamour queen who has led a life of passion and delinquency all over the globe. His music is the result of a two-day bender at the Santa Anita racetrack and a chance encounter with LA producer Neil Popkin, whose vision helped to broaden and elevate SP's creations.

Shaggy Palms is not content to rest on his laurels. In 2023, he plans to release a new song on the 23rd of every month, expanding and morphing his sound. He is collaborating with Boston artist Colgan B. Johnson, owner of visual art imprint 1981andco, to incorporate hints of hip-hop into his catalog.

"What I'm About" is his latest release, recorded at Shaggy Palms studio and mixed and mastered by Josh Gold Music. And the newly launched is the perfect place to experience the world of this unique artist. Join the email list or leave your number in lipstick on the wall for early releases and a good time.

In a world of manufactured pop stars and cookie-cutter songs, Shaggy Palms is a breath of fresh air, a truly original voice that defies classification. With his infectious energy and passion for music, he is a force to be reckoned with and a rising star to watch.


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