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Seekie - "EyesWide"

Introducing Seekie with "EyesWide." Drawing inspiration from artists like Jaden, Kid Cudi, Tyler, The Creator, and Childish Gambino, Seekie takes listeners on an emotional and introspective ride through his debut project.

"EyesWide" is not just an album; it's a profound journey of self-realization and growth. From start to finish, each track serves as a window into Seekie's personal experiences and the transformative power of psychedelics and mentorship. With a blend of chill, epic, and experimental moods, the album guides listeners through different periods of life, much like a psychedelic trip rising to a crescendo and falling back down.

Throughout the musical expedition, Seekie bares his soul, embracing vulnerability and showcasing self-awareness. He fearlessly explores his imperfections, inviting the audience to do the same, breaking down their egos, and experiencing the freedom that true self-expression offers. Seekie's openness in "EyesWide" encourages listeners to open their eyes to new perspectives and dive into the depths of their own selves. Listen now.


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