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Scott Fisher - "Hour of Great Contempt"

Scott Fisher presents "Hour of Great Contempt," the second single from his upcoming album "Kingdom of Ego," released under the label 1 a.m. music. This track falls under the genre of classic rock, with elements of psychedelic rock and indie rock. The song evokes energetic and experimental moods, creating a captivating musical experience.

Fisher's frustration with humanity's repetitive mistakes serves as the central theme of "Hour of Great Contempt." Collaborating with renowned musicians Tim Levebre on bass and Jeff Anthony on drums, Fisher crafts a riveting groove that forms the backbone of the song. The track delves into thought-provoking subjects, challenging listeners to contemplate why human beings struggle to evolve. Despite its serious undertones, the song maintains a playful feel, providing a balanced and enjoyable musical journey that showcases Fisher's exceptional musicianship.

"Hour of Great Contempt" envelops listeners with its smooth and smoky atmosphere. Fisher's soothing vocals glide effortlessly over the slow and funky warm beat, accompanied by a captivating bassline. The combination of the relaxed vocals and the infectious groove creates a sense of relaxation and immersion, allowing listeners to lose themselves in the music.


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