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Sace Beretta - “Chopstick”

Underground rapper Sace Beretta has released a new single titled "Chopstick," a track that showcases his airy, whispery vocals and stealthy delivery.

The sound of "Chopstick" is reminiscent of rapper Bones, with its smooth and slippery flow. Beretta's lyrics are introspective and personal, reflecting on his journey in music and the growth he has experienced.

According to Beretta, he started making music as a way to vent and let things off his mind, and it's exciting to see the growth he has experienced over time. He encourages listeners to share his music and promises to keep dropping new tracks daily.

If you're a fan of underground rap and introspective lyrics, be sure to give "Chopstick" a listen and follow Sace Beretta's journey as he continues to grow and develop as an artist.


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