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Romeyo Wilson Pauses Time With "Time Out"

Very reminiscent to PARTYNEXTDOOR to us, 26-year old Canadian artist, Romeyo Wilson, was born in Toronto, on July 30th. At the young age of twelve, Romeyo, realized his passion for R&B music. Wilson’s lyrics and melodies have the power to provoke a profound response. In 2007, Romeyo recorded his first song which sparked his growing fanbase throughout his hometown Brampton, Ontario. By 2016, Wilson released 8 music videos in that year alone, which bolstered anticipation for his first EP, 7/30. and eventually his first album, Angela Vibes. Following these successful projects, Romeyo headlined in his first official concert which sold-out at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. By 2018 Romeyo Wilson headlined at the Phoenix Concert Theatre and released his second EP “Privacy XoXoXo”. Romeyo Wilson, in collaboration with Fame Holiday and Monte Biggz coined the buzz-worthy movement “OSOT” standing for the "Other Side of Toronto", which united fans from various cities across the GTA. His latest single "Time Out" is reminiscent to some of Kehlani writing, even the instrumental, almost a male counterpart to the female character. Romeyos vocals are very dominant and prominent here, you can really feel the vocal and the instrumental. There must be something in the Canadian air the way the artists are hitmakers and great crafters of their own sound. This is the perfect single for late night driving and when you want to roll one up with your special someone, the song smells of champagne and pain. Check out the single below!


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