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roadblok 🦊- "Three Dimensions Aren't Enough"

Welcoming Roadblok's electrifying instrumental track, "Three Dimensions Aren't Enough." This track is a thrilling ride into the heart of Synthwave, infused with an energetic vibe that's sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Imagine the neon-lit streets of an 80's action movie, complete with a high-speed chase scene – that's the kind of retro, RoboCop-esque beat this track brings to the table.

The piece is a short and sweet outrun belter, boasting a slick solo that truly stands out. The track is simply unreal, showcasing a mastery of synthwave music that's hard to come by, especially on the mix and blend of the sounds. Roadblok truly channels the spirit of artists like Turbo Knight, Neon Nox, and Wice, blending retro energy with a modern twist.

We think that the single really is perfect for those moments when you need a burst of energy, or when you're longing for a taste of nostalgia with a fresh edge. The track's fast pace and dynamic composition make it an instant standout in the synthwave genre. Listen now!


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