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Prince of Falls - "Holding Back"

Prince of Falls is an up-and-coming London-based artist whose music is characterized by its dark R&B and intimate rap sound. With over 40 million streams on all DSP’s, Prince of Falls has emerged as a major player in the UK music scene. His latest single, “Holding Back,” is a perfect example of his unique style, blending 80s influence with trap soul percussion.

The track opens with an entrancing beat, quickly building up to a groovy rhythm that is marked by Prince of Falls’ highly nostalgic melodies. The lyrics are emotionally charged, exploring the theme of addiction to another person and losing control of one’s own mind. The resulting sound is incredibly unique and has achieved over 40 million streams across all DSP’s.

To understand Prince of Falls’ vision, it’s important to look back on his upbringing and the journey that has shaped his multidimensional creative mindset. Having grown up in Nigeria, Prince of Falls’ musical ear was shaped by his mum’s love of gospel music and hearing his dad play hits from Nigerian artists such as P-Square and Styl-Plus. Over time, the young artist was slowly introduced to pop tunes coming out of the US.

Prince of Falls soon moved into learning about music production while studying media, TV, and film. Driven to make dark, transient tracks, he started building beats and coyly singing in front of friends until one day, he felt confident enough to share his musical creations. Dedicated to strengthening his vocals, and developing his signature style, he devoted himself to music production. “I was so tired of hearing music that just talked about cars, girls and money. I knew that I wanted to say something different.” This became the start of Prince of Falls’ commitment to move beyond the expectations of masculinity and instead, present his vulnerabilities through sound.

To date, Prince of Falls has released two projects. Till We Feel Something dropped in 2019 and featured his most popular song, “Marlboro,” which has received 15 million Spotify streams alone following its release. He then followed up with the 2021 release, “Diary Of A Lonely Night,” which was a documentation of Prince of Falls’ growing confidence as he slowly peeled back the layers to share a brighter, lighter side of his emotions.

Reaching fans across the globe, it’s telling how much engagement comes from non-English speaking people. This reflects the emotional response Prince of Falls is able to fuel through his sound. With his new EP due in 2023 off the back of his first live show in London in December, 2023 promises to be a big year for Prince Of Falls. Fans can expect more of his signature dark R&B sound, coupled with powerful lyrics that explore complex emotions.


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