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Praers With His Nostalgic Track "Arterial Gold"

Praers is an ambient-pop singer-songwriter and producer based on the Gower Peninsula in Wales. He invites listeners into a quieter, darker, and more intimate soundscape: this is ambient songcraft without edges, mining elements of dream pop and melancholia infused with emotively startling lyricism, portraying worlds of intangible potency where the mind and heart can meet: worlds that are and were and some others besides. Following the release of their newest single "Arterial Gold", he projects a very nostalgic track that will surely captivate your ears. Starting with soft instrumentation leading onto his sweet and full vocals he completes the track entirely. Explaining the single further it's about being alone with himself, and his struggles with depression and some kind of goodness out there. To the vocals and production, this soft tune will surely hold a grasp from you and just resonate when you need it the most. It would be just perfect for a late-night drive or alone within your thoughts. Go stream "Arterial Gold" and check out their discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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