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Pine Barons - "Frantic Francis"

Pine Barons is a dream pop/alternative rock band hailing from southern New Jersey. The band's sound is characterized by hypnotic melodies, dreamlike imagery, and a pulsing bass line, drawing inspiration from punk, jazz, and experimental rock. The band's debut LP, The Acchin Book, was praised for its complex arrangements and metaphorical lyricism. Their second album, Mirage on the Meadow, was a more insular effort written, produced, and engineered by frontman Keith Abrams. The album explores themes of human connection and impermanence, while retaining a cautious optimism. During the mixing process, Abrams discovered the music of Japanese band Fishmans and created I LOVE FISH, a tribute album featuring Pine Barons' own interpretations of nine Fishmans songs, including the ambitious "LONG SEASON." Pine Barons' approach to songwriting emphasizes patience, simplicity, and letting the songs breathe.


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