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Oniyuri - "Calico"

Introducing "Calico" by Oniyuri, a track that takes you deep into the underground rap scene, echoing the vibes of artists from TeamSesh. This is a piece that stands out in the realm of Rap and Cloud Hop, infused with a touch of Emo Hip-Hop and a distinctive use of autotune. The mood of "Calico" is moody, an atmosphere that's both introspective and darkly captivating. Oniyuri, a somewhat enigmatic figure in the rap world, delivers lyrics that resonate with a raw, unfiltered energy. The track's beat is a relaxing yet intricate trap rhythm, reminiscent of the style popularized by Playboi Carti, providing a perfect backdrop for the rapper's unique flow. Listeners who appreciate the sounds of SahBabii, tana, SoFaygo, or SSGKobe will find "Calico" aligning with their musical tastes. There's a certain unpolished, authentic quality to this track that fans of underground rap will undoubtedly appreciate.

Not much is known about Oniyuri, adding an element of mystery to their music. This obscurity doesn't detract from the track's appeal it kind of instead adds to the intrigue, encouraging listeners to focus solely on the music and the emotions it evokes. Listen below now!


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