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Nicolas - "Key"

Welcoming back Nicolas as he conjures a musical tale with "Key" that resonates with the echoes of enchanted worlds reminiscent of Labyrinth, He-Man, and She-Ra. This nostalgic track takes listeners on a captivating voyage, harnessing the raw power of synth production and embellishing it with lush vocal layers. This second single is a tribute to a fantastical realm where unicorns roam, kings and queens rule, and mystical keys lie hidden in obscure forests. Nicolas masterfully captures the essence of the '80s, a decade that birthed dark fantasy classics, and infuses it with a contemporary twist. The result here is a sonic piece that seamlessly blends the magic of the past with the freshness of the present. Nicolas encourages us to see the world through our own eyes, unlocking the potential within ourselves just like the mystical key unlocks the secrets of the enchanted forest. It's a call to embrace individuality, to find strength in vulnerability, and to explore the uncharted territories of our own minds. Listen now!


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