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Nersmith - "Eastside"

Opening track from an enchanting mixtape & collaboration between D.C artist Nesmith. and LA-based producer/engineer John Wehmeyer. The pair crossed paths at their alma mater of George Mason University, and they collaborated quite frequently throughout 2019 and 2020.

With that, it's no surprise that their chemistry in “Eastside / Magic Eight Ball” is electric. As Nesmith. glides harmoniously across the smooth and soulful soundscapes of Wehmeyer’s production, the pair manages to lull listener’s into a bright, mystifying dystopia — a world befitting of these rising enigmas. The track is very reminiscent to a Charlie Puth or Mark Ronson single to us with its riffs and runs that flow oh so smoothly in the ears. When it comes down to the beat as well its simply infectious with its bounce, take a listen below.



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