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Mr. Phormula x Guilty Simpson - "Safe Bet" prod. by Mr. Phormula

Mr. Phormula, a Welsh emcee, has teamed up with legendary Detroit rapper Guilty Simpson to release the first single off his upcoming album. Titled "Safe Bet," the single features a hard-hitting beat produced by Mr. Phormula himself, with coiled basslines and thumping drums that are sure to set any soundsystem ablaze.

The track falls within the genres of Rap/Hip-Hop, Conscious Hip-Hop, and Gangsta Rap. It is an energetic, aggressive, and moody track that showcases the lyrical prowess of both Mr. Phormula and Guilty Simpson. The duo expertly weave their verses over the boombap-style beat, with Mr. Phormula delivering his usual vocal mastery of the Welsh language and Guilty Simpson smashing his verses with his signature flow and delivery.

The track's production is a testament to Mr. Phormula's skillful production style, which blends various influences and genres to create a unique sound. The beat is hard-hitting and sets the perfect foundation for the two emcees to showcase their lyrical abilities.

Guilty Simpson's presence on the track adds an extra layer of depth to the overall sound. As a veteran of the Detroit hip-hop scene, his contribution to "Safe Bet" is significant, and he complements Mr. Phormula's style perfectly. The track is sure to resonate with fans of both artists, as well as fans of similar artists like Copywrite, Eminem, Sean Price, Royce Da 5'9, Black Milk, and Random Axe.

In conclusion, "Safe Bet" is an excellent collaboration between Mr. Phormula and Guilty Simpson, showcasing their talents and creating a hard-hitting and energetic track that is sure to get heads nodding. The single serves as an excellent preview of what's to come on Mr. Phormula's upcoming album and is a testament to the power of collaboration in hip-hop.


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