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Moon Boi Beats - "Signs"

Get ready to relax with Moon Boi Beats track "Signs," a track that's as mesmerizing as it is chill, this neo-soul and lo-fi hip-hop gem also flirts with lo-fi house elements, offering listeners a multilayered experience that's simultaneously uplifting and relaxing.

When you listen to "Signs," you'll find yourself wrapped in happy, chill, and romantic moods that evoke a sense of floating through space we think for sure, carried by groovy rhythms and lush melodies. The track seems to channel the spirit of artists like KAYTRANADA, Thundercat, and Tame Impala for sure, but with a unique twist that sets it apart...

While the track does feature vocals, they are intentionally subtle and serve more as an ambient backdrop to the smooth, atmospheric beat. This design choice adds an extra layer of intrigue, inviting the audience to lean in and feel the music rather than solely focus on the lyrics. It's an artistic move that lends the track an ethereal quality, allowing it to seamlessly fit into any playlist designed to either lift your spirits or help you unwind whether its the morning or night time.


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