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MisterWives - "Easy"

Introducing MisterWives with "Easy". MisterWives have come out the other side stronger than ever and as the band departs from the world of Superbloom and into the next they have launched their own label Resilient Little Records and partnered with PhotoFinish Records/Virgin Music. The latest single "Easy" explores difficult themes of change, loss, and moving through turbulent times with strength and hope. The song features the band's signature mix of explosive synth pop complete with glittering melodies, driving guitars, and soaring vocals. The single is absolutely luscious and feels like a radio ready pop single that you would hear during the peak times of the summer. The single makes you absolutely move and groove. The tough snares in the single are mixed amazingly to us, as well as the vocals. The music video is something else to look at because when you see someone moving so much, theres a chemical reaction in your brain that just makes you feel good too. Listen below.


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