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Milena Spadijer With Her Melancholy Track "I Don't Know"

Introducing upcoming artist Milena Spadijer she is a singer, songwriter, pianist, music producer, actress, model and dancer from Sydney, Australia. She started singing from the age of 6 and started playing piano since she was 9. She won her first modeling competition at the age of 6 which supported the Australian Deaf and Blind Kids Association and was involved in numerous acting plays, musical theatre plays and dance and singing competitions from the age of 6 up until she reached adulthood. She then went on to study music where she completed a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Performance. Milena was also a martial artist for 9 years and is a former 2 time Australian Karate Champion! Not only is she a ball of talent but she sure knows how to kick butt too! Her biggest musical influences include Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Adele, Whitney Houston, Céline Dion, Rihanna, Nora En Pure, Calvin Harris, Beyoncé, INNA. With her newest release "I Don't Know" she projects a very soothing sound that will definitely capture your ears. Beginning the track with a slow beat leading onto her soft and luscious vocals. To the production and the vocals she completes this track fully. Milena wrote this track 3 months after she got out of a toxic relationship. She remember's sitting in her garage inside the music room, breaking down and just playing some chords and singing the words of the song. She was expressing how she felt when she was with her ex at the time. It was a toxic relationship where she struggled to leave multiple times because they had already been through so much together and because she had thought that she was in love and that things would change even though they never did. This song would relate to so many people as there are so many broken relationships out there. Sometimes we also forget our worth when we are heavily invested in someone. This track would be perfect for a late night drive or just alone within your thoughts. It's truly one capturing track to listen to more than once. Go stream "I Don't Know".



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